"In a Luxury Resort or Club, there is an absolute need for appropriate, consistent and seamless synergy."

Our thoughts on designing for spas and resorts

  • Pulse Magazine - TAG Studio Rethinking Retail Article

    Pulse Magazine - TAG Studio Rethinking Retail Article

    The Design Goal: Deliver more high-margin merchandise, to more people, more often. The emphasis will be on skin and nutrition (not apparel or gadgets).
    The shopping/ buying experience must be:
    1) Interesting, 2) Relevant, and 3) Convenient.

  • Pulse Magazine - Rethinking Retail - New Mindset on Old Ways

    Pulse Magazine - Rethinking Retail - New Mindset on Old Ways

    TAG Studio, TAG and Taylor Galyean, father and son architects envision future spa retail success from urban street-front store and resort destination boutiques. Both must have a convenient web store presence.

  • Design Goes to the Bottom Line

    Master Design™ occurs when all design disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Art and Graphics) are directed by a Master Designer who understands the potential of each discipline and the business potential of the specific property.

    The positive results will be measurable in guest comments and profitability; in asset value and cash flow.

    Ownership must be consistent with their support of this truth to maximize the results of precious capital spent.


    Our thoughts on designing for the spa industry today include a combination of daytime suite services, evening simple foot and leg massage, and 24/7 accessible hydrotherapy, teamed up with easy to use fitness and yoga.

    Spa choices and their sensual effects are like good restaurants experiences. The offering for the next decade should be a suit yourself, simple menu with uncomplicated choices that make you feel great and are good value. Planned right, a forward-looking concept can become a strong signature for a hotel group. We really look forward to making this happen for the right properties and the right owners.

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