"In a Luxury Resort or Club, there is an absolute need for appropriate, consistent and seamless synergy."

What our clients are saying

The Broadmoor

“You have hit it out of the park again. The Broadmoor cottages are a new Industry Standard and our highest rate, highest occupancy accommodations. Another success at a difficult time.”

President, The Broadmoor – 2009
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“…. you will enjoy your working relationship with TAG. He is a talented individual but also appreciates talent in others, not letting ego get in the way of the project. This is a great gift and has brought nice results in the relationships we have had with TAG and his involvement with other design disciplines and specialists.“ He is an architect by trade but the scope of his contribution goes well beyond architecture. I find TAG most effective when I have had him lead the design team, directing the architect, interior designer, landscape designer, etc. The man simply works magic. He can work within budgets and produce results that have a sensitivity, a continuity, yet, make people say ‘WOW’.”

President, The Broadmoor – 2005
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“As Master Designer, he works effectively with the entire team to ensure adherence to the project objectives both from a design intent and an operational perspective.”

Director of Engineering, The Broadmoor – 2002
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“We’ve just completed a 92,000 square foot facility, which includes a golf and tennis clubhouse, function rooms, restaurant, bar, grill, lockers, fitness center, indoor pool and a full service spa. The most flattering guest comment I have had is that many guests think the building was always here. Without TAG’s involvement it would have been a fine facility. With TAG’s involvement it became spectacular. He gives you bang for the buck.”

President, The Broadmoor – 1995
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TAG has created, in my estimation, the most beautiful tennis facility in the world. It was a lot of fun to work with him during the design process.”

Director of Tennis, The Broadmoor - 1994
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The Greenbrier

“You have been absolutely magnificent at every stage of this project. ……. your vision, creativity, integrity and dedication in designing, building and furnishing our home.”

Greenbrier Sporting Club Resident - 2006
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“TAG’s sense of harmonious perfection is truly unique. For more than 18 years he has responded to various projects at The Greenbrier with artistic passion, conceptual excellence and design results that leave our guests awestruck.”

General Manager, The Greenbrier – 2002
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"the person The Greenbrier trusts with its architectural decisions is TAG Galyean ... a professional of exceptional vision and understanding"

President, The Greenbrier - 1994
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"Understands the functional merchandising needs of today's resort retail operations while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within the shops."

Merchandising Director, The Greenbrier - 1994
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"TAG's professional manner in controlling budgets, expenses, design dynamics and other aspects of our projects is unparalleled ... treats The Greenbrier as The Greenbrier serves its guests - with quality, grace and precision ... With the directors, designers, contractors, tradesmen and operation staff, TAG is trusted, enjoyed and productive."

President, The Greenbrier – 1987
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Turnberry Isle Resort

“The time has finally come to say, thank you! The Spa at Turberry Isle is open and receiving rave reviews …………we thank you for your support and dedication to our beautiful 25,000 square foot Spa and Fitness Center.”

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Turnberry Isle Resort & Club – 2002
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“You and your entire staff were indeed a pleasure to work with. We found you to be innovative and dynamic in your design elements of our spa •••••• you gave Turnberry Isle an exceptional spa facility, which while progressive in its spa design, is still mindful of spa operations and affords the staff with a quality “back of the house” •••• your own knowledge of the spa business in general and how to market to this specialized group has been extremely valuable ••••.”

General Manager, Turnberry Isle Resort & Club – 2002
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Hotel Hershey

“The Spa at Hotel Hershey exceeds all expectations of guests and staff. You are the best.”

General Manager, Hotel Hershey - 2001
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Pebble Beach Company

“Casa Palmero Spa – what a spectacular facility. Thank you.”

President, Pebble Beach Company – 2000
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La Quinta Resort

“Viewing the spa, it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t built with the original casita-style property.This is thanks to designer TAG Galyean. We chose TAG Galyean because we wanted to make sure we hired a designer who knows what works and what doesn’t. We we’re thrilled that TAG brought so much resort spa design experience to the table.”

Director of Marketing, La Quinta Resort & Club – 1999
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Kingsmill Resort

“I have to agree that The Broadmoor is absolutely spectacular!”

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Kingsmill Resort - 1999
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“under your leadership each phase of the master plan process at Kingsmill has been met with tremendous insight and knowledge; from the beginning stages through the completion of the ballroom, spa, sports facility, and now the golf clubhouse. … the product delivered was a careful balance between design, quality, and overall expenditures. Your background led us to the development and construction of a world-class facility within a realistic budget. You pressed the organization at the right time to make the right design decisions and the expenditures that would make the difference in the long run. We have all grown with a deeper appreciation of architectural excellence in design and a professionalism that is unmatched.

To capture Mr. Busch’s attention in such a dramatic way is a feat unparalleled by many.”

Vice President and General Manager, Kingsmill Resort - 1997
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The Aspen Club

“Now that the Aspen Club is completed, you deserve a hearty congratulations on a job exceedingly well done. I still find it astounding that we first met less than a year and a half ago, and within that time have taken a project as large and as complicated as the Aspen Club from start to finish, on time and on budget. It truly has been and I hope will continue to be, a pleasure working with you.

You deserve thanks on a number of fronts. Most of all, I want to thank you for all the times you told me to “trust you” and then proceeded to reward that trust with brilliantly creative solutions to the challenges of the Aspen Club. I also want to thank you for the times you convinced me to let you “make it beautiful” and then proceeded to do just that. In summary, you have done a masterful job here at the Aspen Club and you should be proud of how much you advanced the cause of this project and the Company.”

President, The Aspen Club - 1998
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The Don Cesar Beach Resort

“has a unique knack at being able to translate what our guests tell us is important to them and turn it into a product that delivers those needs. It is done elegantly and cost effectively.”

General Manager, The Don Cesar Beach Resort - 1995
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The Equinox

“Creative, energetic and innovative; listens to the operator’s problems and develops solutions that work functionally while maintaining design integrity. .. he is a master at moving ‘pieces’ to create the right environment with maximum operations efficiency. His knowledge of the resort business has given him a keen insight into operational/guest issues that most architects and interior design people don’t understand. … works great with General Managers and can get the most bang for the buck.”

Vice President & General Manager, The Equinox - 1994
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“6,000 miles from the home office and you need judgment in the field, we send TAG —- you can rely on what he tells you. …. TAG may be the best colorist in the business. Rarely the expected, but always tasteful and appropriate.”

President, Rockresorts - 1989
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