"In a Luxury Resort or Club, there is an absolute need for appropriate, consistent and seamless synergy."

Our thoughts on designing for spas and resorts

  • Luxury Resort or Club

  • Resort Spa as Local Destination

    Resort Spa as Local Destination

    Resort Spas located near an urban area have the opportunity to be both a signature spa for the resort guest and a luxury day spa for the community. This allows the spa to offer a broader range of services, increase revenue, and be a local destination. The Spa at the Hotel Hershey has been incredibly successful using this formula which is reflected in both the treatments and services as well as the bottom line.

  • Washington Spa Alliance 2013

    TAG Galyean speaks to the topic of water and wellness at the 2013 Washington Spa Alliance.

    Drinking water, playing with water, healing with water—be with water in all ways, always.

  • Important roles for Spas

    Important roles that Spas can take on to be at the forefront of innovation:
    A. Empower individuals by teaching the science of wellness
    B. Foster creativity by reducing stress with mindfulness
    C. Educate children about body awareness including weight issues
    D. Address social loneliness by creating a place of community and healing touch

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